Knee and Foot Pain – Fix the Foundation with Orthotics

Proper Alignment is Essential

The knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone, and the thigh bone’s connected to the shin bone… or something along those lines. In reality, the human body functions optimally when joints are in the best possible alignment. Being “out of alignment” does not mean the bones are out of place.

boutique chiropractic clinic

3 Major Benefits of Boutique Chiropractic Care

Boutique Healthcare vs. Traditional Healthcare

Boutique concierge medicine first emerged from Seattle in the 1990’s and has since exploded in popularity. The general concept behind boutique and concierge health practices is to bring medicine back to its roots, elevating the standard of personalized high quality care with patients without the frustration of dealing with third parties.

red wine

Yes, Red Wine is Healthy. But How Can You Spot the Best Ones?

Red wine has long been one of the quintessential pleasures of mankind. Ancient Middle Eastern civilizations drank it, the Romans drank it, and we drink it today in modern society. It is a universal drink which brings people of all different cultures together. From a health standpoint however, it boasts many benefits ranging from the cardiovascular system to combating inflammation in the body.