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3 Major Benefits of Boutique Chiropractic Care

Boutique Healthcare vs. Traditional Healthcare

Boutique concierge medicine first emerged from Seattle in the 1990’s and has since exploded in popularity. The general concept behind boutique and concierge health practices is to bring medicine back to its roots, elevating the standard of personalized high quality care with patients without the frustration of dealing with third parties. Seminole Heights Chiropractic & Wellness is one of the few clinics in Tampa Bay offering boutique chiropractic and acupuncture services. There are three main reasons why a person should consider boutique chiropractic care over a traditional practice.

More Face Time with the Doctor

Have you ever been to the doctor and felt like you were rushed in and out like it was an assembly line? High patient volume goes hand in hand with less time spent with your doctor. This is a common practice with most doctor’s offices due to the demands put on them with high overhead and third party payers. A boutique healthcare practice addresses this problem by reducing or eliminating the dependance of insurance carriers. This allows the doctor to be able to focus on spending more time with the patient and less time with insurance billing and paying high business overhead costs. At Seminole Heights Chiropractic & Wellness, Dr. Bobby Koser typically spends on average around 20-30 minutes with his routine office visit patients, ensuring that they have all of their medical needs met and any questions answered.

More Affordable

With insurance deductibles skyrocketing and copays on the rise, many people are starting to find that it may be more affordable to receive chiropractic care outside of using their insurance. Here are some common scenarios that we see at Seminole Heights Chiropractic & Wellness.

  1. New patient Sara comes in and finds out she has to meet her $7,000 insurance deductible before her plan will cover 80% of their chiropractic visits, but she hasn’t met any of her deductible yet.
  2. New patient John comes in for care but finds out his co-pay is $75 for treatment and cannot afford this cost due to his budget.
  3. Potential patient Thomas would like to come in for care but does not have health insurance and is worried about the cost of care.
  4. Medicare will only cover patient Rebecca’s chiropractic adjustments and she is responsible for paying for the examination and additional therapies needed.

The good news is that there are affordable solution for these issues! At Seminole Heights Chiropractic & Wellness, we are a provider for ChiroHealthUSA, a discount medical plan organization. A one time yearly enrollment fee of $49 with ChiroHealthUSA done in our office allows you and your entire family the opportunity to take advantage of our discounted office rates on exclusive visits or per service. This is similar to how Sam’s Club or Costco operates, entitling you and your family the ability to shop and save money. If you would like to see how you can save money outside of using your insurance, feel free to contact us. And of course if you have an insurance plan for which we accept, you are entitled to using your plan in our office.

Freedom with Treatment

Many insurances carriers dictate how long and what conditions are covering under patient plans. Some carriers allow only 12 visits per calendar year. Some carriers state they will only cover conditions a chiropractor sees that is directly related to the spine. Chiropractic physicians are thoroughly trained to analyze, diagnose and treat conditions that arise from the neuromusculoskeletal system (including plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and frozen shoulder for example). Many of these conditions may not be covered by general insurance’s guidelines as they do not directly relate to the spine. However, boutique health practices allows patients to affordably self pay for their personalized treatment plans while the doctor is free to perform to their fullest scope of practice.

If you feel like your doctor is not taking the time with you that you deserve, or that the quality in your care is lacking or declining, it may be time to consider a joining with a boutique practice. Dr. Koser is currently accepting new patients that are interested in boutique chiropractic and acupuncture care. Click here to schedule a free consultation!

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